About Us

Our Values

New Message! "The Heart Of The Matter Part 3" PODCAST IS ONLINE!

Lead Pastor Ramon Hampton finishes the series titled "The Heart of the Matter" with an amazing message on stewardship.

Be Generous

Being generous is not just an action, but we believe it is at the core of who we are! We will leverage our time, talents and treasure to reach and serve.

Be Open

We believe the message of Jesus is to follow him no matter where you currently are in your journey. Curious or a committed follower of Jesus, God has a plan for your life and you are welcome!

Be Together

Life is to be lived together, not isolated or alone. It is to be enjoyed not endured! We believe that community brings security and causes growth!

Be all about Jesus

Jesus came to bring hope, healing and forgiveness to all. We are passionate about echoing this message!